Warren G. Kruse II


Warren is Vice President, cyber investigations at Consilio, a global leader in legal consulting and services. He has spent the last 25 years between law enforcement and as a consultant supporting various agencies with incident response, computer forensics and eDiscovery. Warren is the coauthor of “Computer Forensics: Incident Response Essentials” and is the past International President of the High Tech Crime Investigative Association and the Past President of the Digital Forensics Certification Board. He has supported projects across a wide range of major U.S. corporations and agencies. In addition, he led a team of computer forensic experts in a three-year engagement in support of a fraud investigation task force at the world’s largest international cooperative organization. A recipient of the HTCIA “High Tech Case of the Year” award, Warren was recognized for his forensic analysis conducted on a case surrounding allegations of theft of intellectual property and trade secrets on the billion dollar “Comtraid” matter; was a court appointed expert; and testified as a computer forensic expert for the US Securities and Exchange Commission. He is certified CISSP, ENCE, DFCP, CASA, and is a former police officer in New Jersey.